This example shows an event generated from the Windows Error Reporting Service. This error is logged when a service fails to start normally. In this example, the Group Policy Client did not start in a timely fashion. The event and its message indicate when the problem happened. Check the preceding messages to track down the root cause. Almost all critical errors generate more than one event log entry.

Using a workgroup or being part of a network center comes with advantages that can make our work easier.

Fix Twitch App Not Detecting WOW Game and Addons

Click Command Prompt to open a command-line window to run DiskPart or CHKDSK. The Error-Checking utility must be run under administrative command, so you may be prompted for a password to proceed. 1.Type powershell in Windows Search then right-click on PowerShell from the search result and select Run as Administrator. Copyright ©2018 by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida. Tech-Ease is your source for just-in-time answers for classroom technology questions. Funding for Tech-Ease content development has been provided by by various grants from the University of South Florida and the Florida Department of Education.

  • This is also simple to verify, which I did running 1K threads using DrawImage in tight loops and dumping the thread ids.
  • We can use sfc scannow to repair system files in Windows 10, 8, 7.
  • The internet is used for almost everything, but sometimes due to various reasons, the internet can be slow.
  • From the prompts from the Troubleshoot screen, select the Advanced options tab.

In Safe Mode, right-click on Start menu and choose Device Manager. After rebooting, check if check this link the problem still exists in your Windows 10 PC. Save the change and restart your computer normally.

Uninstall the problematic Windows Updates

In many cases, the CPU returns or shows this error because there’s something wrong with your hard drive or RAM. To confirm these things, we need to run chkdsk or Check Disk which is an inbuilt command in Windows and uses Command Prompt to run. On the software level, the first thing that needs to be done is a driver and BIOS update. If you have a desktop computer, you should download all the drivers for all the components from your computer/motherboard’s support website.

How to check Windows hard disk for errors

Peruse the final screen to understand the information on the display while clicking Finish to end this process. On the next page, read through the restore point confirmation to understand the action that is about to occur on your computer. Click Finish to complete the restoration of your computer. This fix should help you get rid of your whea uncorrectable error on your Windows 11 computer.